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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Prayer Counseling?

In Prayer Counseling, you are carried to the Father to seek the input of our Wonderful Counselor, the only One who can do the miraculous in our hearts, to find healing for your hurts through the modality of prayer. The Holy Spirit knows you intimately, better than you know yourself, so He ultimately takes the lead in each session. I am simply an instrument in the Father’s hands, guiding you with Spirit-led prayer to get to the “spiritual root” of your issues, uncovering lies believed and replacing them with the truth your heart needs to know, so you can become the woman God had in mind for you to be.

What is the difference between Christian Counseling, Biblical Counseling, and Prayer Counseling?


Christian Counseling seeks to integrate Christianity with psychotherapy. Therapists typically incorporate psychological theories and a theological approach with talk therapy. Biblical Counseling uses the Bible as its guide when counseling, as opposed to psychological theories. Counselors are well studied and attempt to connect Biblical meaning and content to an individual’s life and circumstances in a personal way. With the Holy Spirit leading, Prayer Counseling is unique in that it relies on both the written (logos) and the whispered (rhema) Word of God to guide our sessions, allowing the Father to reveal and heal what needs mending in your heart each time. No need to rehash your story, have it all figured out, or even know what is at the root of your emotional struggles. Through intercession, the Spirit divinely connects the dots and replaces lies with truth.

Why should I pay someone to pray with me? (Allow me the honor of letting my clients answer this question.)

”It’s not paying someone to pray with you. It’s paying a trained counselor to compassionately and gently sit with you and guide you to learn how to connect with God and lean into Him to usher in His truth and healing. It’s paying for help just like you would for any [form of] Christian counseling. The difference with this type of counseling is it’s not just talking, it is literally learning to get in touch with Jesus, who is the Wonderful Counselor and Healer. It’s learning to hear His voice and receive His healing in a very gentle and compassionate way. It’s literally the most valuable investment I have made in my healing journey.”


”It’s not a prayer. It is a journey with Jesus to the deep recesses of your heart where hurt is stuck. [The prayer prompts given] help to access [those hurts] by asking the right questions when we are too close to the pain to know what to ask.”

”The training and intimacy brought to the session is like none other I’ve experienced and it is worth it! Healing is worth more than money.”

”It is not just prayer. In order to bring real healing during our counseling sessions we pray to connect with Jesus who is the author of our healing.”

”God works through people and sometimes we need someone with experience and anointing to come alongside us to help us find healing.”

”It’s not just prayer the way you may be used to it. It is bringing Jesus into the most hurt places in your heart, identifying their root causes, and asking Him to heal those places. It helps you find unbiblical agreements you have made and identify falsehoods you have allowed yourself to believe.”

”If you have tried everything on your own and still feel significant struggle, it’s time to take the next step for help.”

How long does Prayer Counseling take?

The length of counseling varies from person to person depending on their emotional and spiritual goals and needs. Those who dedicate a period of time to focus on becoming whole and well, experience the greatest spiritual victory and transformational freedom. For others, the duration is brief and limited to a few sessions. For this reason, I offer an Emotional Wellness Package that consists of 12 sessions, an Intensive with 6 compacted sessions, as well as Individual In-Person and Online sessions. My intent is not to string you along, but ultimately, disciple and equip you to hear the Father’s voice and discern for yourself.

How long are your sessions?

Prayer Counseling sessions run 90 minutes in order to give the Holy Spirit ample time to move and work in your heart. This is typically twice the time of a traditional counseling appointment. In addition to your Prayer Counseling session you can expect to receive detailed notes in your email in-box within 24 hours, along with a page to journal thoughts about your encounter with the Lord in your own words, as well as scripture and other suggestions as God leads. 

How can I expect to feel after my session?

Women usually feel relieved because the revelation God brings changes their perspective from hurt to hope. Because these sessions tap deeply into the emotional realm, you might on occasion feel some noted fatigue or be extra tearful. This is part of the healing process. Sometimes we have been carrying things for so long, we realize how exhausting it was, and our body releases it. This will necessarily be the case every time. You may also feel somber in processing details that were brought to light, or enlightened because you realized you were not alone in your pain . Again, all of these things are perfectly normal. Your body is unique. God has designed it to release and heal in a way that is unique to you.

Will the details of my session be shared with anyone else (confidentially)?

Details are kept completely confidential. On rare occasions I do reserve the right to seek the counsel of one of my advisors, meaning select counselors outside the Tampa area who use similar models of healing, should I need input on complex issues.

How do I make an appointment?

Navigate your way to the SERVICES page, select the service you would like to book, click BOOK NOW and check for availability. Payment is taken at the time of your booking unless you are inquiring about an INTENSIVE or the EMOTIONAL WELLNESS PACKAGE, where we will talk about the pace preferred, and agreed upon dates will be opened up on my calendar for you.

What is your payment policy?

Payment is expected when a service is booked. Insurance is not accepted. All clients are self-pay, choosing to make a personal investment in their healing.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please text Pamela at least 24-hours in advance of your scheduled appointment to cancel and receive instructions for rebooking your pre-paid session. Should a refund be necessary, you will be charged a $10 processing fee.

Pamela, what’s your story?

Though I have the honor of sitting with women in their most vulnerable moments, guiding them in prayerful intercession, I am not a "therapist" or "counselor" with credentials in a worldly sense. I am a woman healed by the hand of God, thoroughly trained in prayer ministry by a counseling pastor in Orlando, using a conversational method that brings about therapeutic results. God has been graciously giving me divine opportunities to carry His daughters to Him in this manner since 2016.

As I work with women, I openly share pieces of my story and things that I have learned as it applies to their own. But in the meantime, I would be honored to have you tune in to the podcast episode below to hear a piece of my testimony. My friend Aprile Sweers over at Her God Speaks teaches from Psalm 55 with profound wisdom, speaking to the anguish of betrayal, a wound that cuts to the core of our being. Then she and her co-host talk about the impact such trauma has on the brain, ways we might respond in the flesh or the spirit, and practical insights on how to move forward from pain toward healing. It was an honor to close out this "Hard Feelings" series segment with the redemptive story that came about as a result of my own personal shattering. I hope you'll give it a listen!  


Go to LISTEN in the menu and choose "Hard Feelings - Week 4" when you arrive.

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