• Pamela Mattox

The Misguided Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.“ — Proverbs 4:23

I raised my kids to know this powerful truth. The world may think it’s entertainment is harmless, but so often it’s hurting our heart and filling our mind with things displeasing to God. His Word says above all else, we must guard our hearts. They are easily influenced, misguided, and led astray. We might think a little of this or a little of that won’t hurt. That the ungodly storyline in that show we love to watch isn’t altering our theology, but that may be far from the truth. It might actually be making us more tolerant of things scripture warns us to steer clear of. Or that hip new song might be painting an idea on our hearts that alters our point of view. Or the media we are scrolling might be filled with images that would make the Spirit within us cringe. Or the last chapter in that book we’re reading might have made us blush.

If we are taking things in with our eyes and our ears that do not measure up to God’s biblical standard, they have nowhere to go but to lodge themselves in our head and our heart.

Once we take it in, we cannot un-see or un-hear it. We must give it to God and seek His forgiveness, then be intentional about cleaning house and making better decisions next time. If we ever hope to be made holy, a living reflection of the Father, we must eliminate as much of the garbage in our lives as humanly possible and guard our hearts fiercely. That might mean running the risk of being called anything from old-fashioned to intolerant or a prude, but if it pleases the Father and reflects His image more clearly, it’s worth it!

RECLAIM YOUR HEART: Ask, “Is there anything I’m taking in with my eyes or my ears that displeases You, God?”

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