Prayer Counseling

When Jesus steps into our brokenness, everything changes.

Just to be clear, I am not a "therapist" or "counselor" with credentials in a worldly sense. I am a woman healed by the hand of God, thoroughly trained in prayer ministry by a counseling pastor in Orlando, using a conversational method that brings about therapeutic results. God has been graciously giving me divine opportunities to carry His daughters to the feet of Jesus since 2016.


Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor, the only One that can do a wondrous, miraculous work in the heart. He is the ultimate therapist. He alone knows our innermost thoughts, and He delights in bringing them into the light so we can find healing for the hurts that hold us back and weigh us down. When He uproots lies and deposits truth, our perspective changes and we reclaim the broken pieces of our heart that sin, shame and the enemy have stolen from us. 

It would be a joy to carry you to the altar and guide you in prayer, teaching you to call on the presence of the Lord so you can hear His voice for yourself. 


Personal prayer appointments are limited to time and space available. It would be a joy to connect with you for an Introductory Session either online or in-person (if in the Tampa area) at no charge so you can decide if prayer counseling is right for you. Scheduled prayer sessions include:

* 90-minutes of prayer counseling at $90/session

* Detailed notes from your prayer session emailed to your inbox 


Please inquire below.



Prayer counseling is probably the one tool that the Lord used to not just make my life better but change my life completely. For many, many years (because of childhood trauma and without even knowing), I believed so many lies about myself. Eventually all of those lies manifested in poor choices, indulgent behavior, and a complete shattering of my life.


Prayer counseling allowed me the opportunity to meet with the Holy Spirit, renounce the lies, and allow God to pour in His truth as only He can. He redeemed me, made me whole, changed my identity, and healed my past. 


Prayer counseling is something I truly believe everyone should take part in if given the opportunity. God uses it as a conduit for us to know Him better, build our relationship with Him, and pour out His equal measures of grace and truth into our lives.


Not knowing what to expect, there was an initial hesitancy with this method. However, Pamela has a very soothing and comforting style that guides you into deep places using divine, Spirit-led prayer. It allowed me to interact with Jesus in a way that I never had before. I was able to see His interventions in my deepest hurts and pain, therefore I was able to release some very deep-seated lies I’ve believed about myself and have been grasping on to for years. I have freedom in Christ as a believer, but I now have a new ability to walk in that freedom and truth.


Prayer counseling has had a powerful impact on my life. I have been set free from a deep rooted insecurity that I've had since childhood. It has also enlightened me, taking me to a higher level of knowing His presence and hearing His voice. I highly recommend this amazing therapy. It will change your life.


I was dealing with a heaviness in my chest and dealing with a trigger from a past trauma . In one treatment of prayer counseling with Pamela, we went to the feet of Jesus and I dealt with the negative emotions that went with my past trauma. He brought peace to my heart and a light feeling in my spirit. I no longer had the heaviness, I wasn't emotional anymore, and all I could do was smile. He set me free!

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