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10 Hindrances to Hearing the Voice of God

Many things act as noise, keeping us from hearing the voice of God in our lives, namely ourselves. Naturally, the enemy plays a big part, keeping us busy and distracted with “important” things and other “voices” in order to keep us from “the” most important Voice in our lives. But more than that, we tend to get in our own way with cluttered hearts, faulty beliefs, and religious biases. Like putting cotton balls in our ears, we turn up the volume of the world in front of us and tune out the still, small voice of God.

How is your spiritual hearing these days? Consider the hindrances below as you evaluate your own personal walk with Christ…

Clutter. Sinful habits and shameful hurts harbored in our heart drown out the Father’s still small voice. We cannot be addicted and attentive, nor bitter and connected. Our hearts must be cleaned from the inside out.

Busyness. Going from cell phone to radio to work or carline, the gym to dinner to Insta and email, then falling into bed, overlooking the need to carve quiet moments into our day to pause and reflect with the Lord.

Hurry. Giving God our grocery list of wants and needs but neglecting to wait for His input. He has much more to say about the desires of His heart for us, but we must be intentional about listening (John 16:12).

Crisis. When the unexpected happens we often turn to the phone before the throne. Instead of running into the arms of Jesus, we run to those in close proximity expecting them to be our Savior and Holy Spirit.

Distraction. Turning to social media, Netflix, or digital entertainment out of boredom, or filling our family’s schedule too full for our own good, all keep us from being quiet before God and listening with our heart.

Avoidance. Distancing ourself from the Father, believing He is mad at us, doesn’t want to hear from us, or isn’t faithful toward us, putting our bible on the shelf, and keeping our negative thoughts to ourselves.

Misunderstanding. Feeling as though God rejected or abandoned us in a desperate situation, not understanding the promise of His presence, and His vow to never leave us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:8).

Fear. Being so afraid of opening ourselves up to the enemy that we never ask God to speak into our lives in faith. He will not give us a stone if we ask for bread, He will give us His promised Holy Spirit (Luke 11:11-13).

Pride. Believing we can make it on our own, that we don’t need God’s input, counsel, or correction. Refusing help from anyone or anything because we are determined to take care of ourselves (Proverbs 16:18).

Doubt. Believing God only speaks through His written Word because that is what we were taught, overlooking what Jesus Himself said in John 16:12, “There is so much more I want to tell you…”




Prayer counseling helps to clear the clutter out of our hearts, clear up misunderstandings, help navigate the aftermath of a crisis, and resolve fear, pride, and doubt. Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor, stands ready and waiting, postured to hear the cries and concerns of our hearts, and speak into them with His divine wisdom. It would be an honor to lead the way.

Serving Tampa area women in person, and ladies around the world online. For more information about services available go to the SERVICES page.



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