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Emotional wellness, spiritual maturity, and physical health go hand in hand. Never mind what we say we believe. If God’s Word doesn’t “feel” true in the depths of our heart, how can we ever hope to heal and mature in Christ? Any area of our life that is not in agreement with His Word begs to be explored. Our souls need to be weeded and well watered in order to flourish in our faith.


We tend to see God, ourselves, people, and life’s circumstances through the lenses of our experiences and beliefs, be they wonderful or wounding, truth or lie. Most of us would rather the Holy Spirit wave a magic wand and make all our hurts disappear. Or have the Lord sweep the sin and shame out of our lives with with a holy broom so we don’t have to look at it anymore. But what benefit is there in that? We are much better off knowing why we are who we are, and what we have come to believe, so we can become an emotionally whole, spiritually mature, and physically well version of ourselves. More like the woman God created us to be.

In prayer counseling, women are carried to the Father and counseled by the Wonderful Counselor — the only One that can do a wondrous, miraculous work in the heart. He is the ultimate therapist. The Holy Spirit knows us so thoroughly, so intimately, better than we know ourselves.

Healing that takes place in the context of prayer and biblical discipleship leads to transformational freedom. As the Lord supernaturally connects the dots between past and present struggles, attunes our ear to His voice, affirms it with His Word, and clarifies who is actually speaking into our lives, we get to the “spiritual root” of our issues and diseases. Using Spirit-led prayer, we wait like Habakkuk to see how the Lord will answer each complaint and write the revelation down.

This is not your ordinary counseling appointment. Extraordinary things happen in the presence of an extraordinary God. With each session, women are taught to uproot lies and deposit truth, allowing the Lord to change their perspective in order to reclaim the broken pieces of their heart that sin, shame and the enemy have stolen from them. These personal encounters help us to understand why we feel what we feel, believe what we believe, and are who we are. When you reclaim your heart, you reclaim your life. It would be an honor to carry you to the altar. There is no better time to start your journey toward wellness in Christ, than now.


DISCLAIMER: I am a Prayer Counselor and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, carrying women to the Father using conversational prayer and discipleship which produces therapeutic results. I am NOT a licensed mental health professional, and I do not diagnose or treat mental health conditions. Women often turn to prayer counseling when they hit a spiritual, emotional or physical wall in life, or when other forms of counseling have run their course.

“An encounter with Jesus like I’ve never known before. My hurt, negative emotions, and broken pieces were addressed and tended to from the first session.

I left with peace and healing right away.”


About Me

Hello friend. I’m Pamela Mattox, Prayer Counselor. 

A true Floridian living in the Tampa area, I have been married to my love for 32 years, am the mother of two adult children and a daughter-in-love, and "Mimi" to two little grands. God has given me the joy and honor of mentoring women of all ages for more than 18 years, including sex trafficking survivors for two.

I am passionate about women finding hope and healing for their hurts in the presence of our faithful Father, and through His written and whispered Word by learning to hear His voice for themselves. Using the God-given gifts of writing, encouragement, hospitality, and an anointing for prayer counseling, I take great joy in walking alongside women on their healing journey. Pointing the way to spiritual victory and transformational freedom, women find healing for their hurts and rest for their weary souls.

The Lord gifted much of my healing journey through the generosity of others, so in giving back, I do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone. I have been called to serve those with means, and those without, with the same love and care based on Isaiah 55:1-3, the foundational scripture for this ministry. Should you find yourself in need, schedule your complimentary introductory session and let’s talk!

A member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, I offer private prayer counseling sessions to women in-person in the Tampa area and online around the world, in addition to intensives, an emotional wellness package, one day topical events, and intimate destination retreats for women.

I also have the joy of serving on the Advisory Board of Restored Home, a ministry that works alongside the church to equip and lead women shattered by betrayal, abandonment and unwanted divorce toward the God who restores.







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