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A Love Story

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

“The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me.”

— Psalm 138:8

This is a promise. Whatever God had in mind before I came to be, He will complete in and through me. End of story.

Because the Author of my life is a master story teller, like any good page-turner, my best selling novel will consist of interesting twists and turns. My character will encounter highs and lows. Intense scenes. Conflict and resolve. Good characters. Bad characters. Dark nights and new mercies each morning. She will be on the edge of her seat one moment, and retreat in the next. There will be trials and struggles to work through. Emotions to navigate. Truth to be found. She’ll win some, and lose some.

In the end, my character will enjoy the sweet taste of victory because she believed in the One writing her story. Because she learned to trust His hand at work, even when life didn’t make sense. And especially when she couldn’t see the plot line. She will come to understand that the Author has a plan for her character. In the end, His novel will paint a beautiful picture of rescue, redemption, and restoration, and be shelved as a love story.

I have come to understand that “blessings” and “good” are words Webster’s, and even many believers, have not so accurately defined. From a worldly perspective they seem to imply positive, feel-good-to-the-flesh circumstances. If it feels good, if it pleases our flesh, if it makes us more comfortable, we call it a blessing. But from the Father's point of view, blessings are whatever He deems necessary to prepare us for our God-given purpose and His well thought out plan for our life. Sometimes that looks like a feel-good state of affairs. Other times it looks like pain or loss, discouragement or failure, because He knows that such pruning will prosper us in the future. He is in pursuit of our whole heart and not so concerned about comforting our flesh.

Every twist and turn has divine purpose. Every line of our story crucial to the outcome. Every mountain top high and deep valley low meant for our good and our growth, but more importantly, for God’s glory.

Because He is good, God uses every plot twist to work out good in the end. Our role is to simply yield ourselves to the process and let Him write our story as seems best to Him.



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