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Change of Scenery

Every so often I wake with a conflicted spirit knowing I need to have a conversation with my Father. It was one of those mornings. Nothing in me desired to exercise, but I asked the Lord whether I needed to get right into the Word or put my walking shoes on. He said, “Let’s go for a walk.” Jesus and I enjoy the undistracted time together. And most of the time, He has something to say that I wouldn’t necessarily hear in the midst of a busy day.

So I got my body moving and took to walking the neighborhood on a beautiful and sunny blue sky morning. The temperature was cool and there were a few white fluffy clouds painted up high. The world was already awake with the sounds of traffic and work crews in the background. It was not a morning to drown out the noise with music or a podcast though. I had been asked to join my Father in conversation.

We walked and talked about what was on my heart, and then I attuned my ear to hear what was on His. He spoke into my questions and settled some doubts. That happens when He helps me to see my circumstances from His vantage point, versus the peephole of my own.

Sometimes a change of pace and a change of place for prayer brings a change in perspective. I could not have been more grateful for the words my Father whispered to me today. I walked back in the door at peace with my world, with a calm in my spirit, ready to record the truths He had spoken to my heart.


Are you wrestling with something? Not sure what words to put to your emotions? Consider putting your walking shoes on, or going for a quiet drive by yourself, heart and ears wide open next time you talk to the Lord in prayer. It just might do wonders for your soul!



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