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Spiritual Nuggets from 2021

Resolutions have never been my thing. I fail at them every time. Instead, I choose to look back on the previous year to see what God has taught me and how He’s grown me. Here is the shortlist of lessons learned while walking with Jesus…

01. You’re not actually flourishing if life is all sunshine and roses. You flourish when you rise above the difficulties and chase after God and grow anyway.

02. True gratitude isn’t followed up with a “but…” as in, “I’m grateful for _____ but I wish _____.” If we wish for more we are actually expressing discontent.

03. Fasting makes room in your heart to hear My voice in the depths. — Jesus

04. Sunshine always follows the rain.

05. In causing my body to need lots of rest to heal from the damage covid did this year, God has been teaching me good self and soul-care as a by-product. He has purpose in everything!

06. Do not get caught up with religion, get caught up with Me. — Jesus

07. Mood changes don’t always equate to heart issues. Your mood is also affected by what’s on your plate and what’s going on in your world. Persistent negative emotions need to be investigated.

08. Our emotions are the external gauge of how we are doing internally. They reflect what’s going on in the heart and soul.

09. Do not guard your heart “against” God in fear, but “with” Him in faith.

10. The closer you walk with Me, the fewer who will walk with you. — Jesus

11. Renewing your mind means capturing your thoughts “before” they come out of your mouth.

12. Lord Jesus, help me to reframe my thoughts according to Your Word and Your will regarding _________.

13. You are enough in the resting, just as you are, not only in the doing. — Jesus

14. Healing is hard and holy work.

15. My longings don’t have to define me, but God may let them linger to reveal what I truly believe about Him, those involved, and myself.

16. God is most careful with me (1 Peter 5:7), therefore I must be careful with myself. I must guard my heart, set healthy boundaries, and learn to say no in order to keep life balanced and not overload myself.



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